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Real Estate Servicing
LNR is the world's largest commercial mortgage special servicer. We are the industry leader in commercial loan workouts with market-leading due diligence and underwriting processes and extensive knowledge of credit fundamentals that enable us to secure maximum resolutions in the shortest amount of time for our investors.

Real Estate Financial Services Group (REFSG)
LNR's U.S.-based special servicing unit, REFSG has the largest market share of any special servicer and consistently achieves superior resolution rates with the industry leading time-to-recovery.
For more information visit our Real Estate Financial Services Group: www.lnrpartners.com
Hatfield Philips
Hatfield Philips
LNR's Europe-based primary and special servicing unit, Hatfield Philips is the dominant servicer in Europe with active workout expertise in multiple jurisdictions across Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Netherlands
For more information visit our Hatfield Philips site: www.hatfieldphilips.com
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